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Our Approach

Our approach

Our lesson Plan

Global culture of learning attracts. UNITY Language Center (ULC) cultural courses are designed to help students not only increase their knowledge of global cultural learning language and vocabulary, but also their confidence in applying them within the contexts of civilization and cultural festival states. Our courses are really designed to help students improve communication skills required for promoting their own culture through the attractive channels of the global cultural learning state. Therefore our lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to practice the service components associated with this emerging global power. Emphasis on language associated with the global cultural integrated state helps our students to build their knowledge about the emerging global culture and in developing habits of thought that further support the task of building together an ever-advancing civilization much easier.

Our students have at least two hours of cultural learning lessons per week. Lessons are divided into three sections: Global culture of learning section, specific target language and culture aspect section and everyday life essential language practice activities section.


Language and global cultural learning aspects involve using vocabulary and Phrases associated with civilization and cultural festival states in various activities and exercises. Most of the activities for this part of the lesson comes from the exclusively designed ULC activity books. In the first part of the lesson essential language structures and the vocabulary list corresponding to civilization and cultural festival learning are introduced and practised. Students will learn about the civilization state virtue gems; loving kindness, honesty, justice, fairness, creativity, as well as temples and shrines, stars and solar systems, calendar, self-similar and build momentum festivals, harvest festivals, tea ceremony, etc.


The second section of our lesson plan considers some group tasks and activities related to the target language cultural festival state. For example, they will learn about the cultural state festivals such as pacemaker festivals, traditions, ceremonies, foods, marriage, music and art, laws and cultural ethics.


In the third part of the lesson essential grammatical structures and items of vocabulary for every-day material life and its daily routines and activities such as shopping, banking, transportation, business, household and furniture items are introduced and practised.

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