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FAQ よくある質問

Our tuition and language instruction rates are as follows:


Small Group Instruction (2-4 students)     

High Schools and Adults: 8000 yen for 4 sessions per month

Kindergarten, Primary, Junior high students: 6000 yen for 4 sessions per month


Individual one to one Lessons
10000 yen for 4 lessons per month




少人数グループレッスン (2~4人)

高校生以上 8000円 (1回60分 月4回)

幼児、小中学生 6000円 (1回60分 月4回)



10000円 (1回60分 月4回)


Additional Pricing Options

·           Materials such as textbooks and notebooks are paid separately (around ¥2000).

·           Tuition fees vary according to the location, class duration, and group size. 

·           Family discounts are available. We offer 10% discount for each additional child.

·           Large Groups— For larger group pricing options (more than 5 students), please contact us to discuss your language needs and the options and pricing available. 



  • テキストやノートなどの教材は別料金です(2000円程度)

  • 受講料は受講場所、受講時間、クラスのサイズにより変わります。

  • ご兄弟二人目10%、三人目20%の家族割引があります。

  • 5人以上のグループレッスンをご希望される場合は、受講料がディスカウントされます。お問い合わせください。










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How much is the tuition fee?


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How does Unity Language Center work?

We offer academic, technical and business English. We also offer general English conversation classes for both adult and children as well as school English support class.  We also offer email support. Our cultural language classes are in Japanese, English and Persian. However, we plan to add more languages over time.

Please confirm with us a session start timetable for each class.





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What kind of services do you offer?


How long is each session?

Tuition normally consists of 60 minutes sessions. Shorter or longer sessions should be discussed in advance.






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Yes, we provide the review session every three months. Parents are welcome to ask for their children progress report.



Can I review my previous sessions?


Yes, it is possible. We endeavour, as much as possible, to have the same teacher taking your/ your child’s class each week. Unfortunately, at times this is not always possible.  




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Can I work with the same tutor again?

We have our own center located in Ichikawa city for our group cultural and English conversation classes.  However, we can also arrange our lessons in public places such as cafe, library, community center, or even in your office or home if it is more convenient for you.



In the event you or your child are unable to attend a lesson, please contact us and we will make every effort to reschedule the lesson. Once again, please contact us if there are special circumstances you would like us to consider. However, if you need a makeup lesson, we might not be able to arrange for the same tutor. We always provide two tutors for our children, Junior youth and youth language and cultural classes.





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What if I miss a lesson?


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