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Cultural Resource Center

We offer language and cultural preparation of educational kits and resources for cultural groups free of charge. These resources center around the themes such as unity in diversity, the oneness of humanity, coherence whole and ways of virtue entanglements.  

In this center, we build, promote and safeguard discourses that connect the competency-based standards and skill sets of the science and technology faculties with the clustering and entanglements of the virtue sets and the hubs of efforts of the cultural festival states.  In addition, this center will manage the directory of the Cultural Festival States.

We create tools and space that make it easier to build discourse communities centered around unity in diversity.

Discourse Community

A Community of Discourse Builders

Resource Kits

Link to Our Free Cultural Resources

Cultural Space

A Space with All You Need to Build and Run Cultural Discourses


A Place to Join Efforts and Help Each Other

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