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Our Culture of learning Mission

  Our mission is innovation in teaching world languages and cultural education required for a global unified action to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization. In this new emerging environment of global culture of learning, everyone has a role to play; and language and cultural learning is an important part in understanding the capacity-building processes required for such a global unified action. English is the main focus of our language services as it is the global language moving in steps with this global cultural of learning initiative.


 In Japan, Unity Language Center offers language and cultural lessons for adults, students and children throughout the Fukusaki, Kakogowa, Himeji, Kasai and Ono regions in the Hyogo prefecture, Japan.


In Australia, the central core activity of our Tuition services is our preparatory bridging academic and technical tuition courses. These courses are designed to prepare students with the level of academic language required for college and university entry or for work in overseas countries. 


Cultural Learning 
​Stimulating Plans

 We aim to give our students both language confidence and global cultural of learning skills that will allow them to speak, live and study in their target language-speaking countries.  We work together with our students to assist them with their personal language needs, business goals, academic success and career development through our individualized cultural learning objectieve plans. 

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

 Our students learn English for many reasons and have diverse learning needs. We, therefore, ensure our lesson plans are prepared according to their needs.  Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced in tutoring academic-level English subjects. We believe that the best teachers are the best tutors when they can widen the student`s learning through a variety of teaching styles in dynamic coherence with the appropriate cultural-wide learning. We utilise the Sachi Foundation approach to the global culture of learning as the basis of our methodology. 


 This method allows us to naturally and systematically link each language with its appropriate culture of learning through a united civilization curriculum, framed within the Ruhi Institute`s meanings of cultural of learning, capacity building and social change.  This makes language and cultural learning so much easier and effective.


Teaching for Young learners 
In The News
Top Universities:
"entry level prepration  Exams

We provide English language programs to meet the english requirements for Academic entry level into  the nusring, enginering, business studies and TAFF courses in Australia , United Kingdom and Canada.

We are happy to proofread and edit your draft english scientific works, technical reports and  business promotion materials.


We provide extra email feedback support once a month.


  We are committed to providing the highest quality in language and cultural teaching. Global culture of learning has the ability to attract and engage. All our teachers are highly qualified and fully acquainted with the target language and culture. Our tutors take every opportunity to develop our student's interest in the language through cultural learning activities that are both fun and motivating. Our curriculum incorporates music, art, drawings, crafts and cultural stories, allowing students to explore their natural creativity while having lots of fun.

Course Materials

We have the following course-specific materials available for downloading.


Slides for students Presentaions


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